Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Place Called Paradise

Have you ever been in a place called paradise? Do you believe that there is a paradise existing in our world? Now you have to believe what I'm gonna share to you. There's this place in Cebu (specifically, Plantation Bay Resort) that I can proudly say it's a place called paradise. So before you agree with me, let me show you some of the spectacular photos of this place.

Believe me now? 
I spent quality time with my family in a place where you can definitely relax. Perhaps our main intention in going to a place like this is just to recharge our batteries since my dad is too exhausted from his job.

my twin sister and I enjoyed biking with this awesome bike
a gorgeous view from our room.

How's your summer so far? 

xoxo, Angela ♥

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Summer Reading List

1.) The Hunger Games Trilogy

2.) The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies Book 3)

3.) Insurgent (Divergent 2nd Book)

4.)Crossed (Matched 2nd Book )

Happy Reading! :)

xoxo, Angela ♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When In Cebu, Live Grand.

Here's a photo diary  of my trip to Cebu.  I have tons of pictures to share but I just minimized them. Here they are:
 the wonderful view from our room (Waterfront Hotel)
the famous Magellan's cross
    Cardigan &Top: Forever21 
               Top:Candies / Bag: Forever21     
hed kandi headphone
My Travel Playlist:

*A Little Bit Longer - Jonas Brothers
*Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
*Ignorant - Mac Miller
*She(for liz) - Parachute
*The Scientist - Mike Posner
*One Shot - JLS
*Free Fallin' - John Meyer

Our favorite thing to do? EATING :)

Thumbs up for UNO's buffet! :)

Since we went to Cebu this holy week, the malls were closed so it's kinda boring. When boredom strikes, a mini photoshoot is the best thing to do.

I hope everyone's enjoying their summer vacation! I'll be sharing my experience in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa soon. Stay tuned for my next post! :)

xoxo, Angela ♥