Thursday, May 10, 2012

Candy Style Award ♥

Teenagers like me, like music, hot guys, party, friends,shopping, and especially FASHION. Everyone of us dresses differently. Some of us dresses funky or girly, and some of us dresses according to their mood. In my own perspective, fashion is self-expression. You dress to both impress others and express yourself. Attending the first ever Candy Style Award has been a memorable one. I've seen a lot of fashionistas like me. I also learned fashion tips from the top fashion bloggers in the Philippines. One thing that I've noticed is that almost all of the candy girls were wearing heels. Well, wearing heels never go out of style. Moving on, I can't wait for Candy Fair 2012. See you all there! :)

 Here's the highlight of the event:
1. Incidentally, I wore an impromptu attire because I really thought that our mom won't let us attend this fabulous event.
2. Upon our arrival at Rockwell, I was really mesmerized by the people in this mall. I saw some celebrities and bloggers.
3.  Handsome Candy Cuties. They were all good-looking, sweet, and approachable.
4. Addicted to Cocktail Drinks. It was my first time to drink one and eventually, I liked its taste.
with some candy cuties :)

my twin sister and I :)

with Krissy and Ericka :)

with Patricia :) visit her amazing blog!
top: Zara,bag&short:Forever 21,wedge:Forward&Scoop

xoxo, Angela ♥


  1. your twin and you are so cute:)both of you are pretty I wish I have one also.:)

  2. you and sister are so chic and very pretty!!! love your outfits!

    paint it stripes
    New Photo Diary is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  3. ooh, lots of cuties <3 looks like a lot of fun.

    Check out my blog and hope you'll follow it too :)

  4. Your hair is so pretty
    Much love,


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