Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fault In Our Stars

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 This book is probably similar to my favorite book The Perks Of Being a Wallflower. Both books are elegiac and hence, made me cry. However, The Fault In Our Stars is about dying, specifically a person suffering from cancer. Reading this book, made me think and imagine the struggle of Hazel (w/ cancer) in her poignant life.. It made me realize that I'm so lucky to be a healthy person. This book is also about true love. It made me more hopeless romantic and I can't fathom if there's still a guy like Augustus in this world. A guy who's willing to sacrifice and accept the fact that they can't be together forever and a guy who's gonna love  you for who you are. Like Augustus, I also fear oblivion. If you don't know what it means, then search it. Above are some words or quotes that I found inspirational. So if you have time, you should definitely read this book! :)

xoxo, Angela <3    

 Little Updates On My Life:
  1. It's now the start of 2nd semester! I'm still taking up BS Civil Engineering and even though my subjects get harder and more challenging, I won't give up on my course. Calculus and Solimen - please be good to me!
  2.  My college life is like a roller coaster ride. I won't tell you why :)
  3. I am turning 17 soon and yet  I still look young for my age.haha :)
  4. Sadly, I don't have time to read another novel because I'm too busy with my studies.

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